New crossing has not improved road safety

In spite of the new crossing installed in Earsdon Road to help with the safety of pedestrians crossing the road to access West Monkseaton Post Office, the junction with Eastfield Avenue remains dangerous for cars exiting on to the main road.

The sheer laziness and stupidity of people parking on the corners of the junction remains, and you are unable to exit the junction without pulling into the middle of the road so you can see the traffic on the main road.

Parking on a junction is against the law and you will be liable if you cause an accident because of your actions.

Parking completely on the pavement at the top end of Eastfield Avenue is still impeding people in wheelchairs and with buggies and prams the ability to use the pavement.

This past two days we have had to inform the police about this and they have been in touch with those involved, advising that this is an offence.

We will continue to do this to anybody who blocks the road, our driveways or pavements for the foreseeable future.

Also, abandoning cars completely on the road so that no traffic can pass is also an offence.

In my opinion, and I have lived here over 30 years, the corner of a residential street is not the place for what is probably the busiest post offices in the Whitley Bay area when the parking is totally inadequate.

There are plenty of sites that are far more suitable with adequate parking.

So adding a crossing has in fact made little difference to the situation, and unless people park responsibly in the spaces available opposite the post office we will continue to inform the police.

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