New institution is indeed a thing to rejoice

I WONDER if I could take this opportunity to thank your correspondent Tom Patterson (News Guardian, letters, September 13) giving, it would seem, some free advice on how King’s School parents might now spend the £9,000 per year they will ‘save’ on school fees per child.

The prediction, or advice?, being, that local charities would now benefit from the cash that King’s parents will now find in their pockets.

I am not alone in thinking that a great education is a lifetime asset and I know many King’s School parents think so.

That could be why so many saved their cash and worked harder and longer to find the money that paid the fees in the first place.

The loss then of a local institution that provided such a thing, and with more than 100 years of tradition, is a very sad thing indeed and not something that should be gloated over.

Now there are names for people who take pleasure in other people’s misery but I am sure that could not have been the intention.

But I will admit to having a chuckle when reading that letter. Simply because there seems to be an ever increasing, over abundance of people who think they can spend my money better than I can.

The fact that a new institution has been formed that plans to provide an excellent education for many more pupils is indeed a thing to rejoice.

If it achieves its aims and can build all of that on the back of the millions of pounds of private (parents) money that built and maintained the King’s School in the first place, then I am sure that current (and past) parents will conclude that they have already given a marvellous breathtaking sum to a good cause.

I know I do.