New look council website

North Tyneside Council has launched an improved website with the aim of making it easier for residents to use.

The re-vamped site features a powerful and responsive search engine, plus a mobile-friendly layout to make it easy to view on the move.

Its layout has also been changed, to give priority to the things that visitors search for the most – including council tax, rubbish and recycling, housing, schools and education, jobs and careers and sport and leisure.

Plus, a new ‘alerts’ feature means users can quickly see information about important issues such as local flooding or schools closures.

The improvements aim to make it easier for residents to use the website to contact the council, carry out transactions, report local problems and more.

Mayor for North Tyneside, Norma Redfearn said: “Our aim was to create a website that was much easier for residents and other visitors to use.

“The improvements we’ve made have been based on customer feedback, and visitors to the new website should instantly notice the difference, particularly how much easier the new site is to search and how quick it is to find information.

“I hope that more residents will be encouraged to access more council services online, now that it is even easier for them to do so.”

North Tyneside Council will be working on further improvements over the coming months.

In the meantime, some of the less-frequently used areas of the site will still look like the older version of the council website.