New look website is welcomed by groups

Jane Noble and Coun Les Miller try out My Care.
Jane Noble and Coun Les Miller try out My Care.

INFORMATION about adult social care is being made easier to access.

North Tyneside Council has created a new section on its website called My Care –

It contains information about the choices and services available to adults.

The section was created with the support of adult social care users as well as organisations and individuals delivering services.

Coun Les Miller, cabinet member for adult social care, said: “Through personal budgets, people with social care needs now have far greater control over the services they receive.

“However, this makes it all the more important that they’re able to make informed choices.

“We hope the My Care section of the website makes it easier for people to get hold of useful information and explore what options are available.”

The My Care section features three options – ‘Learn about services and support’, ‘Get in touch’, and ‘Directory of services’.

During the development of the web section a number of people – including adult social care practitioners, representatives from the voluntary sector, plus service users – gave feedback.

Jane Noble, senior mental health development worker at North Tyneside Mental Health Forum, said: “I think the new pages look great and the information held is very useful.

“As a SIGN member, I know the network will use these pages as a reference when seeking information for the people who come to us for assistance.”

Adam Saunders, information officer at Disability North, added: “The new adult social care web pages are much clearer than before.

“It guides people towards the best way to access information support and advice that is right for them – a definite improvement over its very wordy predecessor.”