New play area is becoming a popular place for families

THE controversy which surrounded the play area adjacent to Beverley Terrace in Whitley Bay (News Guardian, April 19) has proved to be negative.

But it is lovely to see the new state of the art play area becoming a popular rendezvous for families in good and indifferent weather conditions.

The new road layout on the seafront between the Sea Life Centre and St George’s Church, which is now fully functional, is also proving to be a great asset to the seafront.

Doubling the car parking spaces in the Tynemouth area, which are maximised at the weekends with visitors enjoying everything this dramatic seafront has to offer.

Yes, motorists are adapting to the new layout, but in these days of increased safety, the opportunity to speed on this stretch of seafront road has certainly been cut and this has to be a positive situation for everyone.

This coastal strip is unique to North Tyneside and the regeneration that is at present going on cannot be made to stand still if we are to go forward and continue to make the coastal area accessible for all to enjoy.

Everything cannot happen instantly and residents may feel that there are preferences that should be prioritised and this is where the council is challenged and has to make sensible decisions based on economic measures.


Whitley Bay