New team to help drivers

A solicitors firm has introduced a new motoring offences arm due to an increase in the number of motoring offence law enquiries.

North Shields-based TLW Solicitors launched MotoPro in December with the aim of helping drivers understand the law and ensure they receive the correct sanction by courts.

Solicitor Jennifer Close, head of MotoPro at TLW Solicitors, said: “The police do not take into account who you are or what your social status is, if you are found committing a motoring offence, it could result in penalty points, fines, bans and sometimes even prison sentences.

“We all know the festive season and New Year is a prominent time for drivers to be extra careful on the roads. However, there are a number of other motoring offences, which many are still not aware are actually offences that could lead to convictions.”

“For example, in 2012 out of 22 police forces 363 people were arrested after being breathalysed the day after the night before were still found to be legally over the limit. The courts will not take a more lenient view if you are ‘accidentally’ over the limit the next morning and on your way to that all important meeting or appointment.

“It is important to be aware that being convicted of a drink driving or other motoring offence can have all sorts of implications to your home and work life.

“With this in mind, we launched MotoPro as many drivers can often face the magistrates without representation or advice on what their rights are.”