No clearing gullies despite flood fears

I WAS surprised to learn that the council no longer clear the gullies outside our homes.

Mine overflows every time it rains now, and after contacting Envirolink three weeks ago, learned that they only pass messages onto the private company responsible.

The company responsible only goes out when there have been enough complaints of overflowing gullies in a particular area.

Anyway, if you have noticed that your gully is overflowing and taking time to clear of rainwater, then I suggest you ring Envirolink, which is not even a regular number, but is charged as an expensive 0845 number.

I explained I was worried about flooding, but was told that the council now have a supply of sandbags in areas of flooding (is that supposed to put my mind at rest).

Though it was 20 days since I contacted them, it is only classed as 11 days, as weekends and bank holidays do not count.

Envirolink will chase them up after 28 working days, if it has not been done.