No criticism when Labour was in power

THERE appears to have been an outbreak of Labour Party political broadcasts over the past few weeks culminating in the letter from Coun Muriel Green (News Guardian, June 7), criticising, amongst other things, the elected mayoral system and telling the electorate that there are divisions between the Labour Party and the other parties.

The elected mayoral system was introduced by the last Labour government in 2000, and at the time of the referendum in 2001 about introducing an elected mayoralty in North Tyneside, the Labour Party had a large majority on the council.

There were no Labour criticisms when there was a Labour mayor, nor has there been any call by the Labour Party for a referendum about ending the system. No doubt they hope to win next time.

We all know that politics inevitably involves attempting to put one over on the other side, but do North Tyneside Labour Party and its councillors have to be so hypocritically sanctimonious about it?


Whitley Bay