No decision on schools’ future

I would like to clarify the council’s current position with regards to education within North Tyneside.

I can confirm that contrary to information currently being circulated in the borough that no recommendations have been made about the future education provision.

The council is undertaking a borough-wide review. This review is being carried out with the support of head teachers across the borough and also involves Tynemet College.

The authority is currently working with schools to develop a full and comprehensive picture of the current education system. This picture will include an analysis of current and predicted admissions to each school, a full financial appraisal of each school, a condition survey for each school, a review of the implications of changes in school funding and anticipated population changes. It is planned that this information-gathering process, with the schools, will be concluded in early summer.

The information will then be used to develop a number of options for changes to the system. The development of options will take place over the summer months and will involve all political parties.

The council will then undertake a comprehensive consultation process on those options, in-line with statutory guidelines, involving parents and schools.

This consultation process and the views put forward by parents will be used to inform the decision-making process.

The council is committed to an open and honest dialogue with our schools, their governors and parents and we are committed to an inclusive decision-making approach that meets the needs of the borough and its children.

It is anticipated that any changes to the current system would not be implemented until September 2015.

Patrick Melia

Chief Executive

North Tyneside Council