No wonder some businesses fail

I live outside of the Whitley Bay area and visited a restaurant on the Promenade recently.

Excellent food and a good atmosphere ... until I returned to the car to find a fixed penalty notice.

I was so disappointed having carefully parked in front of a derelict building in a side street off Brook Street, off the public highway and in an area not white lined for sole use of residents, who I understand must have some frustrating moments when it comes to parking.

I have accepted my entire life that the motorist is an easy target and it’s persecution and prosecution will go on unabated, as it fills the coffers without a whole lot of investment, but I have always been careful and have respected particularly residential areas when choosing to park.

Clearly I didn’t on this occasion, even though I was off the public highway, not obstructing anything or anyone and not taking up a resident’s spot.

Fine is paid, but it’s causing an itch, but more importantly and, sadly, I will not be returning to Whitley Bay for a night out in future.

I will stick to restaurants where car parking is accommodated. And you wonder why so many businesses are failing.

A Cameron