NOISE: Keep it down for others

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Am I alone in thinking that we are being bombarded by unwanted, unnecessary noise?

I’m not talking about the sirens from ambulances and the like. They are providing a very important service, as most people would agree, and I accept that the brief noise is necessary as they make their way to emergencies.

No, I’m talking about the inconsiderate drivers who feel that they must share their ‘music’ with the rest of the world.

I have seen tradesmen who think it’s perfectly acceptable to park outside people’s houses to do a roofing job, building work or just to deliver something, and leave their volume at full blast, with not a thought for anyone else.

It drives me to distraction whether it’s for five minutes or five hours. It’s enough to raise my blood pressure and make me want to scream.

I’d love to follow them home, park outside their houses and blast music to disturb their peace and quiet.

I bet they wouldn’t be best pleased if the boot were on the other foot.

Recently, I had the misfortune of roofers working on a neighbour’s house close to mine and their music was so loud the bass sound vibrated through my conservatory, where I was trying to work.

When I asked them nicely to turn it down, I was told, rudely, that they needed it on loud so they could hear it while on the roof. Unbelievable.

We live in an ever increasing noisy environment when going about our normal day-to-day business without it travelling around in vans and cars and invading our homes and our right to peace.

Take note all you selfish people. Quiet please.

Carol MacDonald

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