North east left out of the loop

Let’s hope that the economic growth we have started to see continues. I meet too many constituents who are in too much of a bad way to ever think that parties should hope for things to get worse so that they can prosper in elections.

But it’s also true that the small economic recovery we are starting to see will not do much for the average worker who has lost several thousands in real terms under David Cameron’s government.

Living standards have been eroded by hikes in the cost of daily necessities, such as energy and transport, coupled with cuts in tax credits and childcare support.

Most people believe that middle and lower income families have not benefitted from recent economic improvements. They will be shocked to find that bonuses in financial and business services have nearly doubled in the last year.

Rising prices and lower living standards are likely to be more prominent issues.

But there is another aspect that should be shouted from the rooftops and that is the north-south divide and, in particular, how the north east has been neglected by the Tories.

It’s not that central government doesn’t know what is needed to connect us better to the rest of the country.

The dualling of the congested and more dangerous A1 has recently been kicked into the long grass while schemes down south received the green-light.

We cannot really say that we are all in it together when the north east is so needlessly left out of the loop.