‘North East one of least neighbourly places in UK’ says survey - Video

PEOPLE in the north east are some of the least friendly in the UK when it comes to relationships with their neighbours, according to a survey from Findaproperty.com, which reckons that only 29 percent of people in the north east would call their neighbours friends.

It means the region is the least neighbourly in the country, with Yorkshire and the Humber and the south east not too far behind. Wales was named as the most neighbourly region in the country, with just over 50% of their residents happy to call their neighbours a friend and the survey also showed that more than 13 million people in Britain don’t know the names of their neighbours.

But, after all this, 19 percent of people do want to try and have a better relationship with those who live next door reckons the survey.

NewsGuardianTV’s been out to see what the people of Whitley Bay make of the survey...