North Shields couple celebrate five years with business

A husband and wife team are celebrating the fifth anniversary of their PR business, which happened accidentally.

Monday, 31st December 2018, 8:36 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 1:54 am
Jake and Frankie Rusby are celebrating five years of RusbyMedia.

RusbyMedia, based in North Shields, was established by Frankie Rusby in 2013 following the birth of daughter Matilda.

The former journalist and BBC reporter was on maternity leave when she was asked by a friend to help give his business a boost through the media.

A year later Frankie, husband Jake and Matilda had moved from Portsmouth to Tynemouth, where Frankie set up RusbyMedia, and Jake came on board two years later.

Frankie, 35, said: “It is amazing to look back at the last five years and think about what we have achieved, both as a business and a family. I feel so lucky to be doing something I love. RusbyMedia wasn’t planned – it just happened organically.”

She added: “I fell in love with PR while doing it on maternity leave. It incorporated everything I loved about being a journalist – writing, highlighting success stories, and meeting different and interesting people.

“I never imagined that Jake and I would, or even could, work together, but the dynamic is great. We both have a strong work ethic and are motivated to help people. He also makes a great cup of tea, which helps.”

Jake and Frankie have added to the range of clients they work with on a regular basis, including the North Shields Chamber of Trade, The Exchange and Cirque Du Hilarious.

Jake, 33, said: “Both Frankie and I got into journalism to make a difference, and thankfully that is what we are able to do now with RusbyMedia.

“We work with some very talented, passionate people across the region and further afield, promoting some incredible businesses and helping to draw attention to the work of some truly life-changing charities.

“I could never have imagined when we got together that over a decade down the line we would become colleagues and business partners, but now that we are there is no one that I’d rather work with.”

The couple now balance their work with raising a family and have son Zachary, who is two, as well as five-year-old Matilda.

To find out more about RusbyMedia go to or @RusbyMedia on social media.