Not sure or reassured as to future of park

MAY I thank and reassure local residents of Cullercoats, Tynemouth, North Shields, passers by, tourists and fishermen from up and down the coast, all of whom have expressed an interest and have asked, when are the fishing boats coming back to the boat park?

Cullercoats Boat Park is not going to be turned into a car/coach park, houses are not going to be built on the site and it is not going to be used either for a play park or a rest home.

And it will not be used for storing jet ski’s or speedboats.

Also they have not run out of money to complete the project.

Thank you very much for your support/concern and interest.

Cullercoats fishermen have been assured and given cast iron guarantees from environmental services that the site will be landscaped and surfaced and the fishermen and their boats can return by April 7, 14, 21, May 1, 7?

It is also not true that North Tyneside Council does not recognise that local Cullercoats fishermen still have historic rights to store their fishing boats in the village of Cullercoats.

Just because there are only a few fishermen left, this does not mean these ‘rights’ would now be ignored and cast aside.

Given that North Tyneside Council has now taken an active interest in, and is promoting Cullercoats fishing history, heritage and the famous artists like Winslow Homer, Robert and Isa Jopling, John Charlton, Henry Emmerson, Isa Thompson, Laura Johnson, John Carmichael etc, you would think the fishing boats and fishermen that these artists came to paint would be considered an asset to the village as well as the general area.

Of course they are, and who could disagree with that?

No council would want to disadvantage or disenfranchise what is left of the long and traditional fishing heritage, which stretches back more than 300 years.

And not forgetting Cullercoats was once the largest fishing port on the coast, with nearly 100 cobles to its name.

I wrote this letter and even I am not so sure or reassured about what is happening to Cullercoats Boat Park.


Cullercoats Fishermen’s Association