Not sure visitors will be impressed

The Boardwalk has gone, demolished in 24 hours. No doubt the 500-plus people who wanted this to happen (as opposed to the 2,000-plus people who signed the petition against demolition) are pleased.

No doubt the majority of council members who voted for demolition (none of whom represented the coast, as far as I know) are pleased.

Amazing how quickly North Tyneside Council can act if it is determined to.

Meanwhile, it will be Easter in a few weeks and a great many day-trippers will be coming to the Spanish City funfair.

How proud the council will be of the pile of rubble at the bottom of Watts Slope, the slimy green topping to the Spanish City Dome and the broken and fallen hoardings around the Spanish City site. Will the visitors be impressed?

Noreen Rees

Whitley Bay