NUISANCE: Behaviour can be disrespectful

I need to get some issues off my chest.

1. School uniforms or fashion?

As I walk to work every day I see young schoolgirls wearing inappropriate uniform. The length of the skirts are too short. During my school days we had to wear skirts that went down to our knees and no shorter. Even if the girls wear trousers/leggings, they are too tight. There is nothing wrong with trousers that fit properly.

The schoolboys are just as bad, with the shirts not tucked in. Wearing designer trainers with uniform has become acceptable. What is wrong with smart school shoes?

Parents and all schools should be more disciplined with the uniform standards.

2. Smokers.

Is it too difficult for smokers to put a cigarette out properly and place the cigarette end in a suitable bin?

Whilst waiting for the bus I witnessed a smoker throw a cigarette to the floor without putting it out. Immediately after asking them to pick it up I got a rather rude reply.

I would hate to think of the damage a burning cigarette can do should anyone fall over on the pavement.

Since the government stopped smoking in buildings, we now have to put up with the smell and smoke as we walk into buildings. Surely an investment into smoking booths would be advantageous, then at least the non-smokers would be able to breathe better.

3. Litter.

Never mind complaining about dog mess, what about the litter that is dropped by individuals in the street and the parks?

There are enough bins provided by the council so use them. Failing that, take it home and put it in the bin. Let’s show some pride in cleaning our streets and parks up.

4. Broken glass.

So far I have had to take my dog to the vets twice for cut paws. Broken glass in the park and on fields where dogs get exercised is not acceptable.

The council takes too long to clean it up and I wonder if it actually has enough money to pay someone to go around inspecting these areas to avoid accidents happening.

5. Chewing gum and spitting.

People dropping gum on the floor annoys me so much as it gets stuck on the bottom of shoes and also messes the pavements up. Rather than putting it on the floor, place it in a wrapper and put it in the bin.

Similarly, spitting on the pavement is disgusting and unhygienic. People would not dream of spitting on the carpet or flooring at home. Show some respect for our environment.

J Alderson

Address supplied