Nursery’s plea for drivers to slow down

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A PARTNERSHIP has been formed between police and a borough nursery to urge drivers to keep their speed down.

Concerns were raised by staff and the youngsters at the Children’s Choice Nursery in Monkseaton.

The neighbourhood policing team has now taken to the roads with speed awareness equipment to catch those driving at excessive speeds.

Pc Paul McKenzie said: “We have been out a number of times in recent weeks monitoring the speed of drivers around area, particularly around the nursery and school areas.

“We have a large number of schools in the Monkseaton area with a lot of pupils walking to and from school each day.

“All it takes is for one of these children to step out into the road accidentally or too quickly and, if you are driving over the speed limit, this could have very serious consequences.

“The limits are in place for a reason – a few miles over the limit could seriously injure or even kill someone.

“We are rolling this initiative out across the sector, not just in Monkseaton, so it should serve as a warning that we are watching and will take action.”

Debra Young, nursery manager at Children’s Choice Nursery said: “We are very pleased that systems have been implemented to monitor the speed of vehicles around the nursery.

“We have for some time had ongoing concerns about the speed of vehicles passing the nursery and the danger to our children, parents and staff who are potentially at risk due to the reckless behaviour of some people.”