Old library was in the wrong place

I can give no support to Mr C Johnson’s letter (News Guardian, October 9), who has a ’vision’ of our local government quite different to mine.

We dinosaurs (I am indeed quite old) might believe that the Whitley Bay Library and its equivalent in North Shields, are projects of some value, started, perhaps, in the time of the previous administration more than the present one.

The Whitley Bay building combines a number of facilities in the town centre while the old library was in the ‘wrong’ place, particularly for the elderly and disabled who have to use public transport.

The overall problems of parking in Whitley Bay and North Shields are more important to some than most of us. For those who must use cars, the old Whitley Bay site offers a significant increase in parking spaces, though, like we had to, it is necessary to walk quite a distance.

The old building was surely not as well attended as the new one. It was a single story construction taking up a large, usable area of land and was a maintenance burden.

If anyone wishes to go independent from North Tyneside on the grounds of ‘local-efficiency’, there is the large North East Combined Authority (NECA), of which North Tyneside is a part, including the elected mayor.

AM Johnson