Operation will put brakes on speeding cars

Speeding motorists near Backworth are to be targeted by police as a road safety campaign continues.

Officers are focusing on the A186 Rotary Road between Backworth and Earsdon after concerns were raised that motorists were repeatedly flouting the 40mph speed limit.

As part of Operation Dragoon, Motor Patrols are carrying out enforcement action to take action against speeders, as well as acting as a deterrent and speaking to motorists.

Neighbourhood Inspector Jim Gray said: “Many of the people we’ve spoken to are local to the area, so their behaviour is having an impact on their own community.

“Our aim is to make all of our roads safe for everyone and it’s important to educate motorists about how much of a difference speeding makes, whether it’s 1mph over the limit or 30.

“Speed limits are there for a reason and we’ve been taking enforcement action against those flouting the law, as well as educating drivers about the impact of speeding and driving dangerously.

“We’re committed to tackling the issues of most concern and I’d like to reassure people we’ve listened to their concerns about speeding in this area and are taking action.”