Operations to put brakes on speeding cars

Police in Ashington taking part in a Speedwatch initiative.
Police in Ashington taking part in a Speedwatch initiative.

Police are continuing to put the brakes on speeding motorists in Ashington.

Work has been taking place as part of Operation Community Pride – a three-week campaign tackling issues including Class A drugs, rogue landlords, nuisance tenants, anti-social behaviour, littering, dog fouling, and motoring offences.

Since the start of the operation, Police and Community Support Officers from Ashington Neighbourhood Policing Team have been running a Community Speedwatch scheme across Ashington.

A total of 35 cars have been recorded as speeding, with the drivers receiving a letter of advice around the dangers of speeding and the importance of safe driving.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Michelle Caisley said: “Residents in Ashington told us speeding drivers were a concern and so, working with the local community, we arranged the Speedwatch operation.

“I think most people realise just how dangerous speeding can be and that it can cost lives.

“By carrying out operations like this we can help our local community feel safer and also raise the issue of road safety.

“If it helps to save just one life out on the roads then it will be worth it.”

Community Speedwatch is a scheme operating across the Northumbria Police force area allowing local people to help reduce traffic speeds.

The scheme sees local people working together with police to improve road safety in the area.

Volunteers set up the watch in a designated spot, using measuring equipment to record the speed of passing vehicles with the details of any vehicles found to be speeding noted.

Working with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, a letter is then sent to motorists about their speeding.

If the same driver is identified as speeding in the area again then officers will make contact with the driver and action may be taken.

Anyone with concerns is asked to contact police on 101.