BRIDGE: Conserve the history

A recent article told us that the Lower Borough Road footbridge, suggested by a member of the public as very suitable for Listed status, had not gone forward for such listing (News Guardian, February 14).

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 5:44 am

As one person who had pursued such a listing, I am concerned that this has not been achieved. I am not the only one who would have requested this status.

The valued input of Historic England apparently has concluded that any of the special status categories in use cannot be obtained. Accordingly, the council has informed me that the relevant Secretary of State has determined that a full assessment will not take place.

I have taken part in various activities associated with the redevelopment of the Fish Quay area and any housing projects within or close to the area between Tanners Bank and Coble Dene at Royal Quays, though not in any official capacity.

These all influence the thinking of people who regard the future use of any new bridge as only increasing.

As a long established Right of Way, initially a wooden bridge, then a wrought iron structure I believe, and then the present steel version, there is a history of some 180 years.

Any replacement pedestrian zebra or other crossing halfway up Borough Bank leaves disabled people or prams, etc, having to deal with footpaths of various steepness, alongside heavy road traffic.

In any event, a footbridge crossing going back 180 years is something to be conserved in a Conservation Area, subject to neighbourhood planning and regeneration.

Other projects along the Fish Quay were funded by Lottery applications, and in these Brexit times, I use the words European funds.

The council is well used to producing the necessary paperwork to go to the Lottery fund, and anyone else, when it has a will to do so.

A.M. Johnson