DECLINE: Town’s ‘gone to the dogs’

To all those News Guardian readers who spend their days looking for and avoiding dog muck, and loathing dogs with each and every step they take, here is one for you.

Wednesday, 6th February 2019, 05:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 16:43 pm

To me, Whitley Bay has gone to the dogs. This turn-off phrase seems sadly apt of Whitley Bay.

Take a look around you. Where are the decent shops?

Gone is T&G Allans and Woolworths, to name but a few. As a lady of 65, I even remember Ryles, another excellent shop. One time you could buy a washing machine in Whitley Bay. Shoe shops, gone, record shops too.

I see charity shops, empty buildings left to rot and ugly metal shutters where once good shops stood.

The Spanish City is no more and never will be. The lovely little gift shops along the seafront are all gone forever.

Once we even had a market.

Granted, the seafront looks tidy now and The Dome is beautiful inside, but I believe it caters for the elite, the money people. It is high tea and posh coffee. I believe they could deck it out in gold and no one will come to Whitley Bay, it’s had its day.

As I am growing old I wonder what has gone so wrong with my once lovely home town. I sit and think it’s not the dogs to blame, it is mankind. Next time you avoid dog muck, blame the owner for being lazy.

That is the trouble with mankind, not the dogs.

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