DOGS: Council ‘sits on its hands’

I must agree with a recent letter regarding the inadequacies of North Tyneside Council in the non-fining of dog owners who do not stay within the rules.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 5:44 am

It’s alright putting warning signs up, but fines should be handed out if rules are broken. After all, the council is not slow to hand out parking tickets and fines for other discrepancies. It appears that when it comes to fining dog owners its bark is worse than its bite.

The situation is getting worse due to the increasing number of dogs.

No children are totally safe around dogs so why are there no dog-free areas where children can run around in winter? Not all people like to be around uncontrolled dogs.

Considering that 76 per cent of people don’t own a dog, why have dog owners got 100 per cent of areas to exercise? Do the children not matter?

Ask people who run junior football clubs. Their task before every game is to clear the field in case a dog has left a ‘deposit’.

As for no dog-free beaches in winter, it just doesn’t make sense – people use the beaches all year round.

Year on year, North Tyneside Council seems to sit on its hands regarding this problem, instead of taking decisive action for the non-dog owning public, which it is also meant to represent.

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