FUEL: Wood is sustainable

In response to the letter from Mike Coates (News Guardian, March 7), I too have read about the dangers of wood burners that have ridiculously been described as a ‘craze’ and dangerous.

Monday, 25th March 2019, 5:39 am

Go anywhere in clean Scandanivia, skiing in Europe, North America or any village in Northumberland and woodburners have been burning for over 100 years.

Travel in Italy, Greece or Spain, they use woodburners in winter. And even the Australians burn wood with huge log burners, so why is it all of a sudden so bad that there is a call to ban it in the UK?

Since I have had my Defra approved stove I spend £50 a month less heating the house, and the power companies and their shareholders are not happy. When I submit my gas reading the power company asks have I made a mistake?

I am burning a sustainable resource, not coal, oil or gas. Humans have been burning wood for fuel for millions of years.

I simply do not believe that wood burning stoves pump out more damaging particles than diesel engines. I’d rather walk my dogs round Whitley Lodge than up Monkseaton Drive when the cars are stuck in traffic lights, or any of the other bottlenecks around Whitley Bay.

With regard to risks to health, I’d be more worried by the fact we are located in the middle of a triangle of three nuclear power stations (Hartlepool, Sellerfield and Torness).

People in no-smoke zones have Defra approved log burners that burn smokeless fuel and kiln dried wood. Wet wood just rusts your stove and liner. When my stove is lit you cannot see any smoke at all.

You want me to believe a stat because Micheal Gove puts it out there?

What’s next? Banning barbecues? Banning wood-fired pizza ovens in takeaways?

Look what is sustainable, what is happening in the countryside, in your own country, and what is happening around the world before pointing fingers.

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