MAYOR: Fear role is toothless

I have read with interest the statements by all of the prospective North of Tyne Mayoral candidates and what they will achieve and do if elected.

Monday, 22nd April 2019, 6:03 am

However, as whoever is elected will have one vote out of eight for all decisions in the region, and not the same responsibilities as the London or Manchester Mayor, all this aspiration is dependant on the support of the other seven voters.

I understand that four will be Labour and two Conservative from the authorities, with one other.

So in reality they will be toothless, their aims hypothetical and it looks like it will again be party politics, rather than one person fighting for the region, which is what is required.

Perhaps the Independent will be the only one with no political agenda or direction from above?

However, if elected will they be overruled by the other six I wonder?

I am also very disappointed that the printing of the guide was out-sourced to Yorkshire, rather than keeping the money in the region, a real slap in the face for our local printing companies.

Not a good start to the process or generating any trust in the local administrations.

Bruce Haagensen

Whitley Bay