POLICE: A lottery for funding

There are rightly serious concerns about the government’s determination to shift any increase in the funding of police forces onto local council tax payers.

Monday, 4th February 2019, 5:49 am

As part of the announcement on police spending, police commissioners can now ask councils to increase their council tax by up to three per cent to pay for extra officers.

However much local people want to see the recent alarming increase in crime stopped, and may be willing to pay extra, those councils with more affordable houses on lower rateable value bands cannot collect as much money as the councils with large numbers of more expensive properties and wealthier people.

This means that those on lower incomes and the most vulnerable are the losers, and police funding becomes another postcode lottery.

Spending on local policing should be based upon need and where crime rates are highest, not on house prices. Those figures are available nationally and should be used to increase government spending on police services where crime rates are the highest.

Councillor Muriel Green

Weetslade Ward