Raising alcohol risk awareness

Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is doing excellent work to highlight the link between alcohol and breast cancer.

Thursday, 2nd May 2019, 4:57 pm
MP Mary Glindon.

Balance says that nearly one in five north east women exceed the chief medical officer’s recommended limit of 14 units per week.

The north east also has higher rates of alcohol-related breast cancer than the English average, and breast cancer accounts for more than one in two alcohol-related cancers for local women, and some men.

Balance advocates drink-free days to give your body a chance to recover. This saves money and calories to boot. It also wisely advises women to regularly check their breasts, get to know what is normal for you and see your GP if anything changes.

Too few women know of the links between booze and breast cancer. And one in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, although a quarter of cases are preventable.

I recently asked the health minister in the Commons to detail government actions to increase awareness of the health risks associated with alcohol.

The minister was vague on the need for a public information campaign.

Balance does its best, but it should not be left to charities alone.

It needs the authority of a government-backed awareness campaign to amplify the message as widely as possible.

People have the right to live their lives as they please, but we all need to have the information to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

You can find more at http://www.balancenortheast.co.uk/