ROAD: Cameras are cheaper

I read with interest about the plans being carried out by North Tyneside Council on ‘improvements’ to the road system on The Links in Whitley Bay.

Sunday, 10th February 2019, 06:11 am

I assume that all these changes, together with an extension of the speed limit further north towards the Seaton Sluice area, are being funded by the residents of the area via our council tax, which incidentally is scheduled to rise yet again in April.

As I understand it, all these expensive and expansive changes are an attempt to stop the ‘boy racers’ using The Links as a race track and in an effort to make this part of our road system safer.

Surely it would have been much, much cheaper to just install speed cameras on this part of the road, thus slowing traffic automatically, and no doubt generating funds for North Tyneside Council as and when people choose to ignore the 30mph limit.

CA Wade

Whitley Bay