Road pressure has paid off

Criticising a neighbouring council falls into the ‘business, not pleasure’ category for me.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 3:56 pm
Mary Glindon MP for North Tyneside.

However, North Tyneside residents have been at their wits’ end due to long delays in finishing the works on the vital Killingworth Road.

These roadworks started in July 2017 and were due to end in February.

I have convened several meetings with all concerned parties since 2017, but myself and North Tyneside councillors have been deeply disappointed by the apparent lack of progress with the work. 

North Tyneside Council has done its bit effectively, but I’m afriad that Newcastle City Council has failed to keep its end up.

Therefore, I urged the Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes to get on with it.

I cited the delays with the work, as well as a lack of communication from officers at Newcastle City Council.

I also asked Nick to urgently instigate an overview and scrutiny investigation at the authority as to what has really gone wrong over the last two years.

This is particularly important given the various versions of what has caused the delays. 

I also asked if Nick was confident that the work will be completed in the remaining timescale.

I’m pleased to report that the letter seemed to have had the required effect.

Newcastle City Council has announced that the road will be open one way from next week.

And the authority expects that it will be fully open in July.

About time.

However, I am sure readers will forgive me for being a little bit sceptical, given the sorry saga we have experienced so far.

But my job now is to watch this like a hawk and keep up the pressure to get the works done as promised.