ROAD: Responding to residents

There have been several letters recently about St Mary’s Ward, including the alterations on The Links.

Thursday, 21st February 2019, 05:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 16:42 pm

The changes to the road have come about entirely because of residents’ concerns about safety.

We have had numerous complaints about speeding, dangerous driving, accidents and near misses, and very sadly there was a fatal accident as well.

We raised these problems with council officers and the police to seek a solution.

Several public meetings were held so that residents could express their views, and different safety schemes were set out by the highways manager and discussed. The scheme now being implemented received huge support.

The views of the police were very important. Police officers attended each meeting and explained that this road does not meet the criteria for fixed speed cameras. They fully supported the chosen scheme.

After the speed limit was reduced to 30mph last May, Police used mobile cameras and over 200 motorists were caught in the first three sessions, mostly for speeding, but some for having no insurance or using mobile phones.

The police will continue to enforce the limit and council officers will monitor the traffic to see if anything further is required.

One correspondent referred to the lack of road repairs in the ward. Many residents are dissatisfied with the awful state of roads and pavements across the borough and we report problems regularly to get work done.

The writer said that St Mary’s Avenue was due to receive work this year; it has, in fact, been done. More recent roads require attention and we will continue to press for this. The council has money available.

Judith Wallace, Pam McIntyre and Ed Hodson

Conservative councillors for St Mary’s Ward