ROAD: The wrong changes

The changes which are about to be made to The Links road look like an attempt to be seen doing something, even if it is pointless.

Saturday, 2nd February 2019, 05:49 am

I believe that they will turn out to cost money, which could much better have been spent on other safety measures.

First, they seem certain to lead to a spate of minor accidents as traffic from adjoining roads attempts to filter in or turn across the road, or involving cyclists, many of whom decline to use the cycleway.

Secondly they are unlikely to deter the ‘boy racers’, who will simply drive nose-to-tail instead of side-by-side; there will be little deterrent to this.

Why on earth wasn’t the much simpler – and almost certainly cheaper and more effective – option of installing speed cameras not chosen?

Perhaps the police could be asked if anything is really necessary, or if the issue of speeding has not been grossly exaggerated because of one tragic incident.

Dr A.M Hulme

Whitley Bay