Opportunity to breathe life into town centre

NOW that the library in North Shields has been relocated back to its former home then this is surely the ideal opportunity for North Tyneside Council to make changes to the town for the benefit of all.

Instead of wasting £2.8m refurbishing a building that is only 50-years-old and has not stood the test of time, demolish it and restore Northumberland Square back to its former glory whilst moving the buses out of the narrow and congested town centre streets and back to the Square.

Bedford Street pedestrian precinct can then be extended down to Saville Street, linking the shops and businesses in the north and south ends of the town and making a safe shopping environment.

This is a wonderful opportunity to redevelop and breathe new life into the town centre and to make it a more attractive place to shop.

If anyone else shares my views please contact me by e-mail phil@67a.co.uk


North Shields