Oppose any increase to sports clubs fees

I READ the front page article (News Guardian, February 2) with dismay and disbelief that bowls and sports clubs could see an increase in the fees they pay to the council, with the possibility of them having to close if the fees cannot be met.

It was shocking to know bowls clubs fees could rise fourfold over a period of three years.

Does the council want to do real damage to recreational and sports life in the borough?

Bowling greens, football pitches and tennis courts are constant facilities.

It is wrong that they should be at risk, as in our current situation. Surely they are needed more than ever before.

Austerity, through government policy, is the order of the day, we are all having our incomes squeezed and our options restricted.

So it is important that people can retain a quality of life through their recreations and sports.

We should not forget, also, that the number of our young people unemployed is one million and rising.

While not being able to get jobs they need everything that is positive that can be provided for them. Putting sporting facilities at risk will not be good for them or society.

Another fact not to be ignored is our £51m a day contribution to the EU.

Again, for another year the Brussels accounts have not been passed by auditors, yet our annual contribution will continue to rise while our sports clubs are under threat.

We should make sure we can take care of our own.

They would like us to appreciate what good the council is doing despite government actions nationally.

I think they should reflect that the threat to bowling and other sports is a bad thing aided by government action and remove it.

I would urge people to contact the council or their local councillor to oppose the proposed increases in club fees.