Option 2 is best to improve parking

Finally, after nearly a decade, the council has proposed two options to control non-residential car parking in Grosvenor Drive in Whitley Bay.

I am a long suffering resident who has had his car blocked in and had to perform ten-point turns to be able to face the direction I want to travel in.

I have also been woken up during the day following a night shift at work by delivery drivers asking “Is this your car blocking my way?”.

I welcome the idea of introducing parking restrictions to our street.

However, both options have a major drawback in that “introducing limited waiting restrictions are difficult to enforce” – a quote from the consultation document. Also the restrictions are not 24/7 but only between 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Option 1: Permit parking on the north side and two hours maximum stay on the south side. However, I do not see that this will result in any significant change to parking problems and access along the street. Vehicles will still be parking inconsiderately, some on the pavement others narrowing the access to a ridiculous degree, reducing visibility for children’s safety and access to and from driveways.

Option 2: Involves the use of staggered parking bays combined with sections of double yellow lines. Again a limited waiting restriction of two hours maximum stay would be in operation. The staggered arrangement would reduce the amount of parking capacity. However, there would be better access along the street. There would be better visibility making it safer for pedestrians, and cars would not be jumping the kerb causing damage.

I would ask fellow residents which option would make the most difference to parking and access to our street. To me this is Option 2.

C Keville

Whitley Bay