Organisations are helping the young get into employment

IN reply to Ron Bales, (News Guardian, letters, October 13), he will be pleased to know that there are organisations out there doing their bit to assist our young people get into employment, or at the very least, get them ready for it.

Two particular organisations called Acorn Computer Recycling Community Interest Company, along with its sister, Acorn Timber Reuse & Recycling CIC, are organisations that are not so much about making profits but more about making sure that there is support, help and guidance for our young (and not so young), in their quest to get on the ladder of work.

And I am extremely proud to say that I had a hand in setting both of them up, along with many others who dedicate their free time to the projects.

Our organisations deal with some of the most disadvantaged and hard to reach people – many of them young people – in our area and have had some fantastic success in getting them into full-time employment, often within our own ranks, as well as with outside employers.

Our concept is simple; we take what is seen by many as redundant resources, or waste (disused IT equipment, general electricals and timber) and either refurbish them, or in the case of the timber, make new products from something that would have just ended up in landfill, or making sure that the materials from them are recycled properly and their residual value is reinvested into the organisations to provide further assistance.

It’s not difficult to see that by using this method everybody is a winner, the young people themselves, the local community, the local economy and the local environment.

Mr Bales is right in saying “more must be done to invest in our young people because they are our future”, because if we ignore this situation and sweep it under the carpet, all we will be doing is storing and even bigger problem for the next generation.

We need to forget about the politics and put the young first.

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