Our aim to keep it a ‘working harbour’

Thanks to everyone who supported us recently in our aim to keep Cullercoats Harbour simply that – ‘a working harbour’.

In 2011, North Tyneside Council announced plans to spend £1m to regenerate Cullercoats.

Part of this was to improve facilities on the beach by providing a food/beverage kiosk, baby change facilities and a disabled toilet.

A great idea, everyone agreed, after all there has been a kiosk on Cullercoats beach for over 50 years.

The problem was the size and position of the proposed kiosk – 24ft x 57ft and on the brae.

This would have meant that the fishermen would not be able to retrieve their boats in bad weather and would have driven them out of Cullercoats.

After several meetings between the fishermen and the council, a petition of over 1,400 signatures and a public meeting attended by over 150 residents, the council has listened and agreed to re-think its plans.

The current ‘blue hut’ is to be replaced, like for like, with a new kiosk and alternative baby changing facilities/disabled toilet are being looked at.

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