Our environment is deteriorating

There has been a number of local issues in recent weeks on what are obviously of great importance to those who contributed letters, such as traffic lights problems, ‘dog’ issues, and work hoped to be seen on eyesore buildings.

My particular concern is that the environment continues to deteriorate, the air we breathe in is not improving as required by the UN.

General pollution rises with comparisons to China, with Beijing being the extreme example of power station and transport emissions due to burning, coal, oil and anything else they get their hands on, irrespective of carbon dioxide, or even worse emissions.

If you ‘detect’, as some of us do, that the recent UK cabinet changes puts people in places of control to drag the energy supply industries away from their profit-based ethics, to being a reliable supplied of totally vital gas and electricity services.

You can believe that at long last they are ‘seeing the light’ (hoping that the lights do not go out in the meantime).

We have to get through the next ten years, safely.

I would like to believe all those thousands of wind turbines and solar panels will provide all our electricity, green and clean.

Unfortunately, they will not, though they are valuable when used correctly.

An economist, Prof Green (note ‘Green’) recently said that he knew without being a professor of anything that the biggest demand for the UK’s heat and electricity occurred usually in December and January, largely between 6pm and 8pm.

He suggested any larger ‘investments’ in solar panels was obviously absurd, but I say small investments carefully thought out ‘might’ work, on a world basis.

On the same basis as the professor, my experiences as a regular ‘customer’ of the health services, do not give me much of any qualifications in medicine.

I can say, however, with total authority, not being able to breathe is bad for your health.

Proper means of generating electricity is of the highest priority, for all of us – and time is passing.

AM Johnson