Paedophile jailed for leaving life of victim in ruins

A PAEDOPHILE has been locked up for leaving a teenage boy “destroyed” after raping and indecently assaulting him over an 18-month period.

Shaun Everiss’s victim, in his early teens when first targeted by the 40-year-old, has been left with physical and mental scars that will last a lifetime after a string of attacks between January 2006 and September the following year.

Everiss, of Coronation Street, North Shields, was jailed for 18 years on Friday after being found guilty of the sex attacks following a trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

Sentencing Everiss, Judge Guy Whitburn told him: “You ruined him, physically assaulted him, hit him and raped him, and the examples of your behaviour over that time make horrific reading.

“It was quite clear when he was giving evidence the devastating effect you had on that young man. You really destroyed him.

“The doctor makes it clear the boy suffers from post-traumatic stress and psychotic behaviour, all caused by you.

“Seldom has one come across a case where so much devastation has been wreaked on a young life.

“You have no remorse, no mitigating factors.

“Why you chose to do this is a matter between you and your conscience.”

The trial heard that Everiss, pictured, met his victim in 2005, but over time the young boy became concerned about the way he was touching him.

Anne Richardson, prosecuting, said: “The defendant began to get too friendly with the victim and was being touchy-feely.”

The touching then progressed to rape, with the victim never telling anyone of the regular attacks he suffered until last year while undergoing treatment for mental health problems.

It was only then that he finally told his carers what had happened.

Everiss, arrested in March last year, was found guilty of four counts of rape, two counts of sexual touching and one count of harassment.

He continued to plead his innocence throughout the trial and even at his sentencing hearing last week.

Katherine Dunn, defending, said: “He is not happy with the conduct of the trial and is making a number of complaints.”

Ordering him to sign on the sex offenders’ register for life and banning him from working with children for life, Judge Whitburn added: “The letters I have read from your partner and friends show an entirely different man from that who undoubtedly committed this abuse of this young man over two years.”

After the case, Dc Paul Godfrey, of Northumbria Police’s rape investigation team, welcomed the verdict, saying: “The sentence given by the court clearly reflects the seriousness of Everiss’s actions, and we hope this gives the family the justice they deserve.

“This has been a very difficult ordeal for the victim and his family, and we hope they can now move on with their lives.

“Police investigate every single report of rape, even if it is historic.

“Victims of rape or any sexual assault often feel vulnerable or ashamed by what has happened to them.

“As difficult as it may be, we stress wholeheartedly to any victim to report any incident, recent or historic, to police.

“This outcome shows that we will take action and that justice can be seen.”