Pair earn top GCSE grade in Further Maths as school celebrates overall results

Two pupils at Kings Priory School, in Tynemouth, are celebrating after achieving the highest possible grade in Further Maths GCSE.

Shivani Virpura and Cameron Ramsay both received a Distinction A* in Further Maths as well as achieving eight or more A* GCSEs in total. The pair now plan to use their maths results in their future careers.

High level GCSEs were the order of the day for a large number of pupils at the school.

Isla Gibson, Eleanor On and twins Caitlin and Olivia Brough all gained eight or more A* grades too while A grades were in abundance for computing students.

Pupils have excelled in a wide range of subjects with some following in their parents footsteps with plans to go into business and engineering.

Jake Ward excelled in Business Studies and Design and plans to stay at Kings Priory School for sixth form.

Kings Priory School principal Gill Hewlett said: “This year group were faced not only with the challenges of the demands of GCSEs but also with the changing status from an independent school to an academy half way through their courses.

“Through their hard work, commitment and the support of their teachers and parents, our pupils have excelled.

“I am greatly looking forward to seeing them flourish in the sixth form.”