Pantomime produced a wonderful performance

MY wife and I attended the Whitley Bay Pantomime Society show at the Playhouse and enjoyed a wonderful night with a show that was full of energy.

With terrific costumes and sets and an enthusiastic cast it really was a show not to be missed.

To see a mix of youngsters working with adults and producing such a spectacular performance made us think of what other shows we are missing in the local area.

The hidden benefits that shows and societies bring to the local community should not be forgotten and the fact that this year was the 48th panto production means they are well ahead of the ‘Big Society’ game.

I would suggest that everyone looks to book for Humpty Dumpty next year and we all fill the theatre to capacity.

For one it will help the society to continue the good work they are doing and second you will have a great night out, returning home with a chuckle and a smile on your face.

They are guaranteed to sell two tickets for the show.

Well done Whitley Bay, I just wish we had a theatre in Newbiggin by the Sea – now that’s a thought. Oh no it isn’t!


Newbiggin by the Sea