Parents fear a speeding car will kill a child

Emma Saint with her son Hayden Brown at the dangerous crossing on the Earsdon bypass. GM031781
Emma Saint with her son Hayden Brown at the dangerous crossing on the Earsdon bypass. GM031781

Concerned parents fear a child will be knocked down and killed unless action is taken to stop speeding motorists.

Parents say it is a daily challenge crossing the A186 Rotary Road in Shiremoor to get their children to and from Backworth Primary School.

They say that despite pedestrian crossings being in place on the road – which separates Moorside and Backworth – drivers are continuing to speed along the dual carriageway, which has a 40mph speed limit in place.

Emma Saint, who lives in Moorside, said there are regularly accidents at the site, with on one occasion the signalised lights being hit and bent so children cannot now see when the green man is showing and it is safe to cross.

“My friend nearly got wiped out by a speeding car and I was nearly hit the other week,” she said.

“We’ve seen a lorry take avoiding action and drove onto the path, had someone been there they would have been hit.

“Cars are doing more than 40mph on that road. We’re scared to cross at the crossing as we don’t know if the cars are actually going to stop.

“The children understand the Highway Code but that’s no good when they can’t see the green man.

“We’re just sick of it now and that we can’t get anything done.

“Will it take someone to be killed before the council does something about it?”

Residents have spoken to North Tyneside Council and highways officers but are angry that the situation has yet to be resolved.

Miss Saint said: “There was an accident at the lights last September and it took weeks for the glass to be removed.

“My four-year-old son takes his bike to school but had to cross elsewhere to avoid all that broken glass.

“There are lots of accidents on the road due to speeding.”

A council spokesperson said: “We can confirm we received a report of damage to the signalised crossing on A186 Rotary Road.

“We submitted an urgent request for an inspection and repair to Newcastle City Council, who install and maintain all traffic signals in the Tyne and Wear region, and they have confirmed the lights should be repaired before the end of this week.”