Park excuses seem very feeble to me

Living opposite, I was expecting something in the news about the lack of progress in the work at Northumberland Park, and I have to agree with Mike Coates of the Friends of Northumberland Park (News Guardian, October 2), expressing concern at the lack of workmen on the site, it has often been very quiet.

I have known whole housing estates to be built in the time the park has been closed, I do wonder who is overseeing the work.

There seems to be no justification for almost the whole park being closed for so long when in much of it no work has been going on, surely it could have been done a part at a time if the work is so sparsely engaged in.

I have spoken to workmen a number of times and been told different stories: ‘we will definitely be complete by September’, ‘it will not be till November’, ‘spring’, ‘next September’; ‘we have several similar jobs on the go’, ‘the council didn’t properly survey the land properly’.

I hadn’t heard the one about the archaeological dig delaying the work.

And I can’t really believe that one since it occupied a small area and was nowhere near the main work.

Considering that we can anticipate some bad weather from now on, I expect more delays and would really like to know what has been going on, it seems to have been very poorly planned and overseen and these excuses seem feeble to me.

David Armstrong

North Shields