PARKING: A signage problem

Over the Christmas holidays, we visited the new Beefeater restaurant on the seafront at Whitley Bay and parked in the new car park at Spanish City.

Sunday, 4th February 2018, 6:08 am

On returning to the car, we were shocked to see we had been issued with a parking ticket as we were unaware that it was a pay-and-display car park.

It was then that we realised there was a black sign, which was actually after the entrance to the car park, facing away from the parking bays.

This newly erected sign advised that a penalty would be incurred if you parked without a ‘valid tocket or permit’. What on earth is a ‘tocket’?

How dare North Tyneside Council try to enforce a £50 fine when it can’t even spell a simple, yet critical word.

We were meeting friends there and they were ticketed also for the same reason because you would have to drive past the car park entrance before seeing the sign.

How many more innocent motorists will it catch?

Keith Robinson

Address supplied