Parking bays will be repainted

Parked cars in Percy Park Road, Tynemouth.
Parked cars in Percy Park Road, Tynemouth.

A series of parking bays in Tynemouth are being repainted following feedback from drivers.

In September the News Guardian reported how shoppers had raised questions about the legality of parking spaces on Percy Park Road outside Kings Priory School after several motorists were issued fines for parking on white lines.

Motorists were concerned cars had been incorrectly fined as the spaces were too small after being repainted in August – with two extra spaces being created as a resultof the re-painting.

A North Tyneside Council spokesperson said: “We thank drivers for bringing this matter to our attention and acknowledge that the contractor has not reinstated the bay markings the same width as they were prior to the resurfacing works.

“Although the current bays do meet the minimum width specified by the Department for Transport (1.8 metres), we are aware this has caused issues for some drivers.

“We are therefore going to re-paint the bays as they were previously.

“Parking enforcement has been suspended at this location until the works are complete.”