PARKING: Charge hike is scandalous

A recent article referred to North Tyneside Council making £1.35m on parking fees, (News Guardian, December 17).

It is absolutely scandalous that the council can hit residents and visitors with the whopping foreshore car park charge increases, and now it is going to hit those with Foreshore permits.

Foreshore permits were £50 per year, so what reason does the council have, other than pushing people away, to increase the permits to a whopping £250 per year? That is a 400 per cent increase, for goodness sake.

Well I reckon people will just go to Blyth, five minutes away in the car and with free parking. Its trade is much busier than Whitley Bay will ever be as long as Whitley Bay keeps up all the parking charges.

It is hitting the very people the council is supposed to serve.

‘To serve’ is North Tyneside Council’s logo motto – what a joke.

One of my favourite places is the Rendezvous Cafe for a cuppa. Well it makes a darned expensive cuppa, whether you have a permit or whether you pay parking per visit.

Pamela Hood

Whitley Bay