PARKING: Club could close without permits

The council currently offers Foreshore parking permits to local residents at £50 per annum, which allows them to park in designated car parks along our beautiful coast. Residents who hold these permits have been informed that they will not be renewed.

While we understand that the council does need to cut costs due to government funding, we feel withdrawal of the Foreshore parking permits is not the way forward.

This action could be detrimental to the community, stopping local people from visiting the coast, which would affect the local economy and local businesses – cafes, pubs, restaurants and attractions.

North Tyneside is trying to encourage local people and visitors to the coastal area, especially around the Spanish City area of Whitley Bay. Tynemouth is also a very popular area and busy all year round.

As a member of Tynemouth Model Boat Club, which is the oldest club in the country at over 100 years, stopping these permits would have a devastating effect on our club, with the possibility of closure.

At least 95 per cent of our members are senior citizens and simply cannot afford the parking charges. We meet three days a week, staying between three and four hours a day, which would cost us £14.40 per week if we did not have permits.

The model boats are a big attraction, bringing local people and visitors to Tynemouth and the coast. Each September we hold an open day and this attracts a lot of people, and last year were raised £1,500 for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

Most members helped at this event and on average stayed seven hours. This would have cost £8.40 each for parking, which most members would not be able to afford.

We strongly urge the council to reconsider the withdrawal of the Foreshore parking permits.

AE Hunt

North Shields