PARKING: No seasonal cheer from the council

Hidden on the notices page (News Guardian, December 17) is the news that the Foreshore parking permit, popular with residents who can park free throughout the year on the seafront car parks, is to be increased from £50 to £250, but this permit does not include Tynemouth Front Street or the Rendezvous car park now.

It will be interesting to know what the ‘take up’ is for this after this gigantic increase.

It is controlled by the parking enforcement department at North Tyneside Council.

There are many residents who have bought these permits as they regularly park at the foreshore car parks to exercise their dogs and enjoy a walk.

Many have to do this for health reasons so this increase of £200 could really affect residents of the borough who enjoy regular exercise along what is a lovely seafront. Why spoil this?

This increase is in stark contrast to our neighbouring authority, Northumberland County Council, which happily has free parking at Blyth and the very welcome three hours free in Morpeth. No wonder these destinations are enjoying increased footfall.

We also read in the same News Guardian that the RAC Foundation has revealed that North Tyneside collected in excess of £1.35m for parking and parking enforcement, and its councillors are now enjoying their rise in allowances also.

The next cheer is that our council tax is proposed to go up by two per cent in 2016, so North Tyneside residents need to start saving now for this increase.

And a happy new year to you from your local council.

Heather Carr

Whiltey Bay