Partners working to tackle anti-social behaviour in Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay Metro Station' Picture by Jane Coltman
Whitley Bay Metro Station' Picture by Jane Coltman

Work is continuing to take place to reduce anti-social behaviour in parts of Whitley Bay.

Northumbria Police and partners are taking positive action to combat the problem after a recent increase in reported incidents.

Whitley Bay Neighbourhood Acting Inspector Guy Morgan said: “We want to reassure residents in Whitley Bay that we take any incidents of ASB very seriously.

“We know that they can adversely impact on the quality of life for people and we will not tolerate this disruption to the lives of local people.

“We have increased police patrols in the affected areas and are continuing to investigate any ASB incidents reported to us.

“We’re aware there have been several issues reported, including alcohol-related youth ASB, people begging in the street, problem behaviour around the Metro station, and vehicles damaged last month in Victoria Terrace and Jesmond Terrace.

“We know that there are is a clear link between drunkenness and disorder, and where appropriate we will use dispersal powers to remove people from the area.

“Those committing criminal offences will be arrested in the first instance, but these powers mean we can disperse groups or individuals who may be making a situation worse or getting themselves involved in disorder.

“Officers are also paying additional visits to local off-licences reminding them of their responsibility not to sell alcohol to under 18s. We also want to remind adults that buying alcohol to give to children is an offence.

“We have also seen an increase in reports about people begging in the town. We would ask members of the public not to give money to beggars – begging is an offence.

“We are working with partners on this to deliver longer-term solutions to this issue.

“We’ve met with representatives from the local authority and other partners and we are finalising further plans of joint action.”

He added: “We hope those living in the area can see that we are taking a robust stance against ASB and we will continue to do so.

“If people have concerns about ASB in their area then please contact your local neighbourhood policing team on 101.”