Partnership aims to help people who suffered serious injury

TLW serious injury solicitor Natalie Miller, head of business development Alistair McDonald and Vicky McGurk at Pulse training centre.
TLW serious injury solicitor Natalie Miller, head of business development Alistair McDonald and Vicky McGurk at Pulse training centre.

Individuals suffering from serious injuries are set to benefit from a new partnership.

North Shields-based TLW Solicitors’ team of serious injury lawyers have embarked on the training course with Pulse Community Healthcare to help understand the longer-term implications and needs of their clients.

The partnership was the brain-child of head of marketing and business development, Alistair McDonald, who believes a fuller understanding of a clients’ situation allows the legal team to more easily identify their continuing requirements and provide a more person-centred service.

He said: “Serious injuries is such a specialist legal area that we wanted to provide additional training for the team as compensation is only one part of the story.

“Solicitors often tackle individual cases from a legal viewpoint so with specific training in rehabilitation, our team can develop more of an understanding of longer term implications from a care perspective following an accident.

“Often it is not only the individual who suffers, but also the families struggling to get the correct rehabilitation, medical care and support they may need.”

He added: “We take all forms of training very seriously and continuously strive to get the best for our clients.

“With high demand for a specialist team in serious injury claims, we wanted to go the extra mile and learn about the clients’ long-term needs rather than look at it purely from a legal entitlement point of view.

“The team at Pulse Community Healthcare have been fantastic in really helping us to get a better understanding on some of the challenges faced by our clients who may have suffered life-changing injuries.

“Training courses are often bespoke to each individual’s requirements and it was important for our legal team to understand exactly what is required to assist clients with their long-term care needs.”

Service development manager at Pulse Community Healthcare, Vicky McGurk, said: “We work continuously to support a wide range of short and long term complex care conditions with our clients and we are delighted to help the team at TLW to truly understand the services our staff provide.

“Each individual is unique and it is important to be aware of the various implications people can suffer when they have experienced a serious injury.

“Many of our clients and their families don’t know where to turn when it comes to selecting a firm who can ensure their financial needs are catered for, so we hope that giving TLW a greater understanding of potential client care needs will help the legal team in offering a broader service to their personal injury clients.”

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